Please follow this link to the 2012 Conference Proposal Form. Your participation as a session or workshop presenter is great for you professionally, and great for the membership as you share your skills and knowledge. Thanks for being professionally active.

KWLA 2012 Conference Proposal Form“Taking Proficiency to the Core”
Hello future presenter! We are pleased to have you submit this proposal to present at our conference this year. Please closely follow the steps below so as to avoid confusion and complications that may impede processing of your proposal.

The theme for this year’s conference, ‘Taking Proficiency to the Core’ should evoke two thoughts, one of the Core Content in Kentucky, and how we all strive to get our students to the prescribed level of proficiency within that content area. The second is that Proficiency is at the heart of what we do as teachers of second languages. The changes we have recently brought to the Showcase, the soon-to-be-implemented Program Review, and the recently released New Kentucky Standard for World Languages all have this at their core; to get our students to a sustainable level of proficiency.

At this year’s conference, KWLA officers and many others involved with State and Regional Showcases will be offering workshops and sessions designed to help teachers better understand and prepare for the 2013 Showcases. This will be a major focus of this year’s conference. It would be great if we had several proposals that reflect your experiences in getting your students ready. Several of you received training in the winter, then put into practical application in your classrooms what you learned. Please consider sharing these valuable lessons with your colleagues.

Thank you, and good luck in your professional endeavors. We look forward to reviewing your proposal. Here is the link or you can simply fill out the form below:

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Proposal Deadline is June 1st.