We are all called to go the extra mile...

Now is your time. Contact one or all of these legislators and tell her/him that they must accept the K-12 World Language Program Review recently approved by the Kentucky Board of Education. Our students and the future generations deserve the best education Kentucky can offer. Call NOW! Don't put this off.

Members of the Education Assessment and Accountability Review Subcommittee:

Go even more distance, get your parents and students involved in a phone campaign. YOU could be the difference maker. This is your career, this is our profession, act now!

Talking Points for Legislators:
1) Because the Kentucky World Trade Centers (Lexington/Louisville), Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, U.S. Army at Fort Knox, U.S. Departments of Defense, State, and the CIA, Partnership for 21st Century Skills, and numerous other business, military and educational organizations have declared a strong need for building language capacity in the state and nation for international economic competitiveness and national security, we ask that you Include the World Language Program Review for all schools (elementary, middle and high) in the school accountability system.

2) Because early language learning is recognized as a cognitive capacity builder for critical thinking, code switching, problem solving and creativity, and Because world language learning builds literacy skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking, and in so doing aligns with the Common Core English Language Arts Standards, and Because, even though language can be learned at an older age, overwhelming research shows starting early leads to greater levels of proficiency and near native proficiency, and Because early language learning builds cultural an earlier and greater depth of cultural understanding, we ask that you Begin world language learning at the elementary school level and provide opportunities for students to continue language study through grade 12.

3) Because 2 years study of a world language or competency equivalent is a precollege admission requirement, and Because the University of Kentucky now requires for admission a demonstration of world language novice mid proficiency on the ACTFL scale This will be raised to novice high in 2016), and Because Senate Bill 1 made every precollege admission requirement EXCEPT world language study/proficiency a graduation requirement: We ask that you make second language proficiency (minimum of novice high level on the ACTFL proficiency scale) a high school graduation requirement.