Greetings dear colleagues!
Last year’s conference was such a memorable one! It being my first conference as Secretary of KWLA and Chair of the Awards Committee, what a great feeling it was for me to stand up on that stage and to hand out awards to such deserving professionals in our field! It was such a joy and a privilege to see Dr. Jacque Van Houten, our expert leader in world languages at the Kentucky Department of Education, to receive her much-deserved honor of the “Lifetime Achievement Award”! Jacque has touched so many lives over her long and prolific career and we are so fortunate to have her leadership and expertise right here in Kentucky! What an honor and a privilege it has been for me to have known and worked with Jacque in the past as well as another deserving professional, fellow French teacher Maureen Motsinger, our 2011 recipient of the KWLA “Outstanding Teacher Award”! Another great moment from last year’s Awards Banquet was the conferring of the “Amici Linguarum” (Friend of Languages) Award to the Kentucky State Board of Education for their courageous efforts and bold proposal to hold schools accountable for keeping and maintaining high quality world language programs around the state with the successful passage of the new Program Review for World Languages!
Fellow members, that was last year and now this year we have the same job to do as last year; to nominate and choose who will be our winners of awards from KWLA for 2012! To do that, we have an all-new awards program that has been revamped along with a newly reorganized Regional & State World Language Showcase! 2012 seems already to be the year for change in our organization and change seems to be the only constant in our profession as a whole. I am very excited to roll out the new awards program to you all; we have some very big and very positive changes in store for this year! New this year, each of our affiliate language teaching organizations in Kentucky will be selecting and awarding their own “Teacher of the Year” Award within their own group of prospective language teachers! A teacher who wins the “Teacher of the Year” Award in their particular language teaching organization will then become the selection pool for which the “Outstanding Teacher Award” from KWLA is selected. For this reason, all potential nominees for the “Outstanding German/French/Spanish/etc. Teacher Award” must meet the same criteria for the “Outstanding Teacher Award” (See below**). TEACHERS, WE NEED YOUR HELP! WE NEED YOU TO NOMINATE DESERVING LANGUAGE TEACHERS! If you would like to nominate a fellow Spanish teacher, a fellow German, French, Chinese, Japanese, or Latin teacher for this award, all you have to do is forward the following information; the name of your nominee, his/her email address, his/her school, language(s) taught, level (elementary*, middle, or high), and other pertinent contact information (phone number), to the following corresponding presidents of our affiliate organizations:

  1. *Andrea Suarez – President, National Network for Early Language Learning (NNELL-KY); email: (*if you would like to nominate a world language teacher who teaches at the elementary and middle school levels, this is the person you will contact)
  2. Nobuko Patton – President, Kentucky Association for Japanese Language Teachers (KAJLT); email:
  3. Yan Wang – President, Kentucky Association for Chinese Language Teachers (KACLT); email:
  4. Andrew Gollan – President, Kentucky Classical Association (KCA); email:
  5. Ferrel Rose – President, American Association of Teachers of German-Kentucky (AATG-KY); email:
  6. Grace Patton – President, American Association of Teachers of French-Kentucky (AATF-KY); email:
  7. Catherine Del Valle – President, American Association of Teachers of Spanish & Portuguese-Kentucky (AATSP-KY); email:

To be nominated for any of the awards that KWLA offers, all potential candidates must meet a certain criteria that can be found in the “2012 KWLA Award Guidelines” PDF file" (see above)

Without further ado, here they are:
  1. (NEW!) Outstanding Spanish/French/German/Latin/etc. Teacher Award” – follows the same criteria as that of the “Outstanding Teacher Award”
  2. Outstanding Teacher Award (K-12, all languages)
  3. (NEW!) **Outstanding Post-Secondary Teacher Award (all languages) - follows the same criteria as that of the “Outstanding Teacher Award”
  4. Outstanding New Teacher Award (K-12, all languages)
  5. Outstanding Administrator Award
  6. Lifetime Achievement Award
  7. Amici Linguarum Award

Do you have or know of an administrator who has been supportive of you and your world language program at your school? Nominate him/her for the “Outstanding Administrator Award”! Do you have or know of an outstanding colleague who is new to the profession but yet has already had an immensely positive impact on his/her students in such a short time? Nominate him/her for the “Outstanding New Teacher Award”! Do you know of a person, or persons, or an agency or group, typically outside of our profession, who has shown consistent and strong support of the study of world languages through advocacy for second language programs at all levels of education? If so, nominate them for the “Amici Linguarum Award”! Do you know of or have a very deserving, post-secondary professor at a university in the state of Kentucky? Nominate him/her for the newly added “Outstanding Post-Secondary Teacher of the Year Award”! Do you know of someone who has devoted their time and energy over a long and extensive career of teaching and advocating for world languages? Nominate him/her for the “Lifetime Achievement Award”! Please help us by nominating someone who you feel would be worthy of these awards, download the nomination guidelines PDF (see link above) and complete the nomination process as soon as possible! For guidelines and instructions for submitting nominations for all awards online, with the exception of the newly created “Outstanding Spanish/French/German/Latin/Chinese/Japanese Teacher Award” (Remember, to nominate someone for this award, please contact your affiliate organization president (contact email addresses listed above)), please consult our wikipage: The deadline for all nomination submissions is July 31st. The 2012 KWLA State Conference will be here before we know it so please act today! If you have any further questions, please contact me at anytime at

Wishing you a great finish to your school year and a restful summer break!

Ben Hawkins
Secretary, KWLA
KWLA Awards Committee Chair