Direction to post on your new wikipage

Once you have made your own wikipage by creating it using the "edit button", you will need to be ready to upload your file.

1. Click the "File" icon top tool bar:


2. Click "Upload Files"


3. Once the file is uploaded it will appear on the left side, double click and it will automatically load on your wikipage (a rectangle with file name will appear, but once you "SAVE", it will convert to a clickable link)

4. Be sure to click "Save" and double check to see if your file has load properly.


Note: Documents that will be upload on this wiki site should be clearly named as this is a shared web space.. (For example: kwla_session_Chiang NOT just kwla_session2011)

From Learner Sessions Page:

Directions to create a wikipage for your session/workshop

1. Click the EDIT button on the top right to allow the page to become "editable"
2. Find your session and highlight it by using mouse cursor to select over the text Picture_9.png

3. Use the "LINK" button on top and generate a new page for your session. (hint: wikispaces automatically will create a new page AFTER you click on the LINK, simple click "ADD LINK") Picture_11.png

4. Choose "visit" to your new page Picture_13.png

5. You must click the "EDIT BUTTON" again since the page doesn't exit yet and add materials to your page in order for the page to become active

5. Any questions, please contact directly.

Note: If your sessions contains symbols such as : , -, * or & , must remove symbols in order for the Page Name to work