Friday, September 23, 2011

List of sessions

Triple Crown A
Using a Smart Notebook in the Classroom
Project-Based Learning
United States Army Language Programs
Integrating Arts with Chinese Language Teaching
Triple Crown B
Have It Your Way! Learning Through Options
From Toolkit to Treasure Chest: The JCPS Language Learning Materials
Giving Kids a CAN DO Attitude!
Technology resources for the language classroom
Triple Crown C
Are Textbooks Really the Problem?
Digital Story-Telling: Applied Techniques for the FL Classroom
How Engaging Could Your Language Class Be?
Speaking up for World Languages
Blackberry Lilly
Less Teacher Talk, More Student Action
Talking About Talking:
Keeping Students Engaged & In
teracting in the TL
Administrators Session (ppt and FAQ)
Utilizing Free Technology in the Language Class
Crimson Clover
Getting to HowTeachers as Leaders inNew Learning Designs
Making the Most of Short-term Exchanges
Differentiating for Kinesthetic Learners
Resources, Resources

General Session: The New Festival/Showcase Announcement

General Session: The New Kentucky Standard for World Language Proficiency

Saturday, September 24, 2011

**Keynote Address, Bill VanPatten**

List of Sessions

ROUND 510:45 AM– 12:15 PM
ROUND 601:45 M – 02:45 PM
ROUND 703:00 PM – 04:00 PM
Triple Crown A
Fitting Classical Languages Into The New World Language Standard
Forum forPost-Secondary Educators
A celebration of what we eat!-Cancelled-
Triple Crown B
Target [language]:Expect More, Say Less
Sara-Elizabeth Cottrell
The Real World:Authentic Homework
Building 21st Century Skills Through Global Education
Triple Crown C
Wiki and Podcasts: DevelopingStandard-Based ChineseThematic Units
How To Start A Spanish Honor Society Chapter
How Engaging Could Your Language Class Be?
Blackberry Lilly
The Revised AP Exams for German & French
Kentucky World Language Mentor Program
Kentucky World Language Mentor Program (Part II)
Crimson Clover
From end to beginning: Vertically align your language program (speaking/listening)
Chinese Language Teaching – Approaches and Methods
How to Build an Effective, Successful & Visible Chinese Language Program
Lily of the Valley
Listen Up!
Summer Latin Camp for Elementary Students
The New AP Exam for Latin Teachers
Bluegrass B
From Toolkit to Treasure Chest: Using the JCPS World Language Materials
KDE Follow Up Session: The New Standard and Program Review

Bluegrass A
Time for You: Develop Project-Based Learning
Are students meeting the national WL standards? Prove it